47 and finally I see clear skin.

Dramatic results for the first time. Wokeup in the morning after a facial with Ari and my skin looked smooth, clear, blemish free and glowing. Even under my eyes I didn’t need to use my usual concealer, it was a dream. This was my second facial and each time I learn more about my skin and how to maintain it. Ari pays such good attention to my visits and history and I am so happy! Thank you!

Changed My Life

Best Decision Of My LIFE!!!
First, believe me when I tell you that not only was this my best decision, but letting anyone else do this would be insane!
Dr. Crose and his staff are awesome!
Don't get me wrong, true professionals and masters of hair transplants!
State-of-the-Art equipment!
Worst part was the numbing shots which means this is a cake walk.
You will receive your new hairline that will probably frame your face better than your original hairline.
Within months you won't believe your eyes!!!
It has been 6-months and my wife is still not use to seeing me with hair!
Follow-up care and 'appointments Dr. Crose were great!
Recommendation: Don't think about it...do it!

I recommend this practitioner without hesitation

I am a nurse practitioner and have practiced in emergency medicine and genetics medicine for 20 years. I've had many colleagues, friends, and patients who have sought out cosmetic procedures or surgery and afterward, I've yet to encounter anyone who appears natural. Everyone knows they've had aesthetics procedures and/or cosmetic surgery. In 20 years I haven't seen anyone provide the services that Arezou Crose NP provides as a master injector. Several patients had recommended her and after 2 years of watching and waiting I decided to visit her. I am turning 50 this year and hoped to have some mild touch ups. I had some unique issues that were more challenging and she spent almost 2 hours with me--discussing my concerns and carefully performing the procedures. I'm delighted with the outcome! If you prefer to age gracefully and wish to avoid the waxy appearance or duck lips encountered with the majority of cosmetic physicians and practitioners, Ms. Arezou Crose FNP, Master Injector is the best choice.

I recommend this practitioner without hesitation.

Ari is the best!

Ari is the best! She keeps herself updated on the latest education and it shows as she will educate you at the same time if you want to know. She is an artist for sure and and joy to be around. I always have fun when I visit her and her husband is a great addition to the office staff. They are a great pair and I highly recommend this business. I am a devotee. I only wish I was closer so I could be more consistent.

I loved my appointment with Ari

I loved my appointment with Ari. She takes her time and really cares about her clients. I love my results as well! I will be back.

Never going anywhere else

Ari is such a wonderful, skilled practitioner!! I am so happy I found her! Never going anywhere else for my skincare needs!! The dermal infusion treatment really made a difference in my skin!

Excellent Service and Superb Results!

Excellent service and superb results! Arezou (Ari) is a very well trained specialist, master injector. I feel very fortunate to have her as my aesthetic provider.
I am relatively young but have tons of expression lines, Ari got rid of this problem in no time! She always has useful tips to improve the overall health of my skin and to make it look young and radiant :)

The best!

I’ve found the best in Placer County! As a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Ari’s office feels clinical and her practice is based on a deep understanding of the medical field. She is constantly educating herself and her clients about the latest products and services within the cosmetic and appearance industry. She take a conservative approach so her clients aren’t over sold on products. She is so talented with her work, her eye for what would aesthetically enhance her individual client is her focus - not the volume of clients she can get into her office as many local cosmetic surgeon and dermatology offices tend to focus on. I’m am a true fan of her work, if you are looking to improve or enhance your look, nurse Ari is phenomenal!

My results were amazing

Where should I start? I recently moved here from Texas and was looking for a new person that I trust to do Botox and filler and I seriously got the jackpot! Ari was the sweetest person and took her time with me and was so gentle. My results were amazing. Her bedside manner was superb. She listened to my concerns. Ari customized a rejuvenating treatment and I was very pleased with the results. Ari has a true gift amd is well educated on the anatomy of the face and stays up with all the training and new techniques. You cannot go wrong going here.


Ari is amazing!! She has done botox injections for me and filler in my lips and I am so impressed by her knowledge and skill. I used to work for a facial plastic surgeon who did filler in my lips and my lips would be SO bruised for days after the procedure, I would be embarrassed to leave the house. I was so nervous to do it again but with Ari’s technique I had almost no bruising and minimal swelling. I love the way my lips look! She really takes her time to make sure everything looks perfect. I will be recommending her to everyone!