Dr. Joshua Crose

– Dr. Joshua Crose –

Joshua Crose is an Osteopathic Physician with a strong foundation in Science and Liberal Arts. He attended Claremont McKenna College where he was exposed to a broad liberal arts education while majoring in both Biology and Economics. He excelled as a researcher of West Nile Virus, HIV, Dengue Virus, and Huntington’s Disease while working in Biotechnology. Dr. Crose continued his successes into medicine and in a very short time has received awards for Physician of the Year at Dignity Health North State Area and was promoted to Medical Director of a start up hospitalist group before he transferred to the Sacramento Area.

In 2017, he was selected as one of America’s Top Medical Physicians by the Consumer Research Council of America. Currently, he is the Assistant Medical Director of a hospitalist group in the Sacramento Area but he has decided to transition his skills and focus back towards his original love of helping people find a full balance of health outside of the hospital.

– Arezou Crose FNP –

Dr. Crose has practiced acute care hospital medicine for more than 5 years but has found that his eclectic background and education is drawing him to expand and offer something more to his patients. He has spent significant time training and attending hands on education seminars with his wife and skilled injection partner, Arezou Crose FNP, to refine his injection techniques and medical aesthetic acumen.

Joshua has studied the Devine Ratio, or Golden Ratio as used by all the Renaissance Men and art masters of antiquity to help guide his artistic perspective and understanding of facial symmetry. Additionally, he has undergone hands on training to perfect his hair restoration and transplant skills to assist men and women confront one of the most understated and difficult aesthetic anxieties that people face, hair loss. Joshua Crose D.O. looks forward in bringing all of these skills together to ensure his patients receive the best experience possible to help them find their health, beauty, and happiness.

Arezou Crose

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