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Capitis Medical & Aesthetics

Capitis Medical & Aesthetics, Inc. is the creation of two visionary medical providers that have sought to build a medical practice that provides both beauty and medical treatments to its patients. We believe that medicine and the preservation and promotion of beauty and health can and should go hand – in – hand. At Capitis Medical & Aesthetics the patient will be treated as a person with distinct individual needs and we will strive to provide the best and most honest advice to our patients based on their specific goals.

We are practicing an art form that incorporates our eclectic knowledge of medicine, math, science, and beauty that requires constant refinement to ensure each patient achieves their optimal state of beauty and health.

We believe that beauty on the outside is maximized by helping people find an inner balance. The mind, body, and soul are uniquely intertwined in a mesh of interdependence that helps balance our existence and this is expressed in how we feel, think, and act. Many times our physical appearance is directly tied to our confidence which is a part of our mental health. If this is lost, so is an important part of the individual as a whole. Maintaining the whole person is our goal.


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